my beauty essentials

I like to keep things simple when it comes to creams and make up. These are the few things I can not live without: I am totally in love with the “realTechniques by Samantha Chapman” brush, it was recommended by my beautiful colombian friend Ximena, who owns a beauty videoblog called Deseo Hair. My crazy eyebrows are now under control thanks to the “Gimme Brow” gel by Benefit. The Pore fessional it is very popular due to his power to minimize the appearance of pores (and it works).

My eyelashes are long but too light for my skin color so I just need to curl them a bit, I use the Beter eyelash curler with protective silicone pad. And then I apply the “lash accelerator endless” rimmel by Rimmel London. I am big fan of liquid eyeliners and I normally use the “Eyeko London” one. I discovered Urban Decay some years ago, and the “Finishing Powder” it is definitely one of my basics, I usually apply it after my “Stay Perfect” foundation by Nº7. Bobby Brown eyeshadows are just wonderful.

En este post os quería mostrar mis productos de belleza favoritos, como la brocha “realTechniques” de Samantha Chapman que me recomendó mi amiga Ximena, o el gel “Gimme Brow” de Benefits. Para cubrir los poros abiertos nada mejor que aplicarse un poco de “Pore fessional”. 

Cuando me pongo base de maquillaje siempre opto por “Stay Perfect” de la marca Nº7, seguidamente me pongo un poco de polvos translúcidos Urban Decay (gran descubrimiento). Para intensificar la mirada uso el eyeliner líquido “Eneko London”, el rizador de pestañas de Beter y el rímel “lash accelerator endless” de Rimmel London. Las sombras de ojos de Bobby Brown son maravillosas también.

My favourite beauty products always happen to be korean, like this “Raspberry Roots” sleeping mask by The Face Shop. The “Advanced Night Repair” serum by Estée Lauder needs no introduction, so I just wanted to say that the argan oil is great for both hair and face. The “All about eyes” serum by Clinique is a must-try. 

De noche me encanta aplicarme mascarillas tipo “Raspberry Roots” de The Face Shop o sérums como el “Advanced Night Repair” de Estée Lauder. El aceite de argán es otra opción tanto para la cara como para el cabello, sin descuidar la zona de los ojos donde aplico el “All About Eyes” de Clinique.

“Melanox” is great to remove the dark spots, I bought this cream when I was living in Bali where it is always in summer. I always use the “Mask of Magnaminty” cleanser by Lush when I want to deep cleansing my face. “Shea” by The Body Shop is my all time fragance, and I am also addicted to the smell of Soap & Glory products. I never leave home without putting some “Hair nourishing serum” like this one by Llongueras. If I want my hair to look messy but good I use the “Surf Spray” by the american brand Bumble and Bumble. 

Mi fragancia favorita es “Shea” de The Body Shop, tengo el olfato hipersensible y siempre necesito ir perfumada por la vida. La marca Soap&Glory la descubrí cuando vivía en Londres y su packaging es casi tan bueno como sus productos. Para limpiarme la cara en profundidad me gusta utilizar la mascarilla limpiadora de Lush, y para las manchas solares la crema que mejor funciona es “Melanox”. Nunca salgo de casa sin aplicar un poco de “Surf Spray” de Bumble&Bumble  en mi pelo o sin ponerme un poco de reparador de puntas de Llongueras.

And last but not least: the “8 hour cream” by Elisabeth Arden follows me wherever I go. I bought my first Sally Hansen nail care product when I was in Singapore, and the “Powerful Acrylic Gel” it is amazing. I have been using eye creams since I was sixteen and I like this “Eye Mask” by Clarins because it is very soft and refreshing. 

Y por último pero no menos importante: la crema “8 hour” de Elisabeth Arden es ideal para los labios cortados o cualquier tipo de rojez externa. Los productos de Sally Hansen para las uñas dan muy buenos resultados, especialmente el “Powerful Acrylic Gel”. La mascarilla de ojos de Clarins es refrescante y muy suave.



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